Update on Family-Friendly Legislation

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Dear Supporter, 

Yesterday I shared success from my economic agenda this session. I am happy to report that a number of my bills to support Montgomery County families are also set to become law. Here's how things are shaping up in Annapolis:

  • HB564, which would end discrimination in parental leave and Family and Medical Leave benefits against married state employees, passed the House Appropriations Committee (thanks to my D16 colleague, Delegate Marc Korman, for his help advocating with his committee on this bill!) and the full House of Delegates. This legislation was just voted out favorably by the Senate Finance Committee, and is expected to be voted on by the full Senate on Friday. This bill is a priority of the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Woman, and was supported by the Job Opportunities Task Force and Maryland Women’s Law Center. Special thanks to Rebecca and Sean Coleman, Dereck and Rachel Simmonsen, and Ellie Dayhoff-Brannigan for their personal testimony and advocacy on this important issue.
  • After four years of multiple stakeholder meetings and lots of hard work, I am happy to announce that HB 9, the bill to license Midwives in Maryland has finally passed out of the House and is expected to pass out of the Senate on Friday, thanks to strong support from Senate Finance Committee Chair Thomas “Mac” Middleton. This legislation has been a labor of love, and will provide more prenatal care and childbirth options for Maryland families. Special thanks to the many professional health care groups who worked for years to make sure this new healthcare profession is responsibly regulated and appropriately trained.
  • I am also pleased to report that HB739 - Maternal Mental Health, has already passed unanimously out of both the House and Senate thanks to support from the Senate sponsor, Brian Feldman (D15). This legislation creates a task force to study how to address and treat mental health issues connected to pregnancy and the postpartum period. Almost 20% of pregnant women and new mothers experience depression. As many as 80% of mothers with depression do not receive treatment with women of color and low income women disproportionately unlikely to receive any treatment. 

Delegate Ariana Kelly with members of the Young Democrats of Maryland Women's Caucus for Legislative Shadow Day. 


Thank you for the privilege of representing you in Annapolis,

Delegate Ariana Kelly
District 16


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