The New Digs, Receptions & Swearing In...

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Session starts today, and things are already hopping!

My Legislative Aide and I have finally moved into our new office in Annapolis, which we will be sharing with my friend Delegate Tom Hucker from Silver Spring. It's in Room 210 of the Lowe House Office Building. I hope you will come visit us during the Legislative Session, and bring your challenges and great ideas with you.  

My husband is back at home getting the kids all cleaned up for the swearing-in photo-op with the Speaker of the House Mike Busch. This is a big moment for my whole family, who have sacrificed so much for this campaign. I am hoping 3 year old Leo will stand still long enough to smile for the camera as I am sworn-in.  I have no doubt 6-year old Maeve will comply. She has gotten used to this type of thing after the long campaign.

My hope for Maeve is that she remembers this day, and keeps dreaming big for herself. Last week she told me she would like to run for office one day. But, no offense, perhaps for something a little higher- say, Governor. She is frustrated we have never had a female Governor in Maryland and would like to change that. I said that would be A-OK with me. I am eager to introduce her today to my friend and early supporter the Honorable Mary Boergers, who ran a strong campaign for Governor in the 1990's. 

Speaking of the Speaker, I have to say, we are so tremendously lucky to have him as our leader in Annapolis. He is a fair, warm, thoughtful person who has a real vision for the state, and strong core values. Each time I meet with him, I am blown away. As a bonus, just last night, he made beautiful remarks at the Women Legislator's of Mayland reception reinforced my belief that he really "gets it" on women's issues.

That's a great thing because women's issues and public health issues are where I will be spending a lot of my time this session. I have been assigned to the Health and Government Operations Committee. This Committee will be working on implementing the federal healthcare reform, and beating back new proposed restrictions on women's reproductive health.   There is also the opportunity for me to work on important environmental health measures on this committee, which is another passion of mine, and something I know is important to the people in D16.

I will keep you updated on this work, and other pressing issues including the budget and transportation initiatives as session progresses.

To the voters of District 16 who have entrusted me with the great honor of representing our community, thank you. My door is always open.


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