Marriage Equality Update

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I am a strong supporter of the marriage equality bill. I am doing everything I can in front of the cameras and behind-the-scenes to ensure its swift passage.

This legislation passed the Senate last week and has moved onto the house, where it has hit some road bumps. 

While equality advocates are frustrated with the delay of he vote, we are also hopeful. Every day I speak with undecided colleagues on this issue -- people of goodwill who want to do what's right.

Sure, we have a few bad apples who are interested in perpetuating hatred and shame, or forcing the will of their church on the whole state, but the vast majority of my colleagues are good, decent people who care about what is best for their constituents.  

I think with continued colleague to colleague conversations and more feedback from real constituents (to counter the bombardment from out-of-state anti gay rights groups) we will get there. Stay tuned....


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