Joining the District 16 Democratic Team

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It has been one month since my primary win, and the general election is nearly here. (Early voting starts this Friday!)

I am honored that the District 16 Legislative Team has invited me to join their campaign for the general election.  Senator Brian Frosh, Delegate Susan Lee, and Delegate Bill Frick are our incumbent representatives in Annapolis, and they do a wonderful job.


Together we have formed the District 16 Democratic Team. In addition to great photos, you will also be seeing signs, mail, and leaflets with all of our names on them.  We’re enjoying working cooperatively to win election – which means you know we will also effectively work together to serve you in Annapolis.

But first, we need your votes! If you can, please early vote at one of the early vote locations listed here.  If you can’t do that, we’re counting on seeing you at the polls on November 2.



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