Join Us Tonight to Learn About Paid Family Leave in Maryland

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Dear Friend,

I am working to institute a paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Fund in Maryland.

This fund-- modeled after very popular programs in NJ, RI, and CA-- would support working people who need to take unpaid time off to deal with family and medical emergencies. 

Federal law already allows people to take up to twelve weeks off in a crisis-- but not all employers can afford to pay employees during these absences. A Maryland Family & Medical Leave Insurance Fund would fill the gap. It works like unemployment insurance-- but for short term absences from work.

Who would benefit from this insurance pool?:

  • The man who develops a serious illness, like cancer, who needs time off for treatment. He can't afford to lose wages with medical bills piling up. 
  • The loving son who must take a few weeks off of work to transition his elderly mother with dementia into long-term care.
  • The parents who are caring for a child seriously injured in a car accident.
  • The military spouses who want to be by the side of an injured service member during a painful recovery-- but whose family depends on two-incomes to get by.
  • New moms and dads who need to recover from childbirth and adjust to the strain and joy of parenthood. 

The list goes on and on. A Maryland Family & Medical Leave Insurance Fund would benefit everyone. Research shows that these funds can *save* states money because they enable people under stress to stay in the workforce -- thereby reducing costs for other social programs. That's good news for businesses too because reduced turnover and improved employee morale is great for the bottom line. 

Our coalition is growing. The legislation is supported by countless businesses, community, and public health groups, including the Bethesda Chevy-Chase Chamber of Commerce, the Maryland State Education Association, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland and NAACP. Last year, the bill was voted to be a top priority of the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women, and just last week Maryland Working Families added the bill to their Women's Economic Security Agenda (WESA). 

If you want to learn more about this bill you can attend one of the following events:

1) The Baltimore Regional Women's Economic Security Agenda 
Community Forum
University of Baltimore
William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center
11 W Mount Royal Ave Baltimore, MD 21201
Tonight Dec. 14, 6 - 8 pm
Click Here to RSVP

2) Prince George's County Women's Economic Security Agenda 
Community Forum

Location: TBA
Jan. 9, 10 am - 12 pm 

3) Montgomery County Commission for Women Legislative Briefing
The Universities at Shady Grove, Bldg II
9630 Gudelsky Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
Jan. 31, 12:30 - 6 pm
Click Here to RSVP

If your organization would like to join our growing coalition in support of paid Family & Medical Leave contact Holly Vandegrift at

Thank you for the privilege of representing you in Annapolis,

Ariana Kelly


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