Friendship Heights Values

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Thanks so much to Jane Merkin, Jessie Gertman, Esther Delaplaine, Eve Jacobs, and of course Beverly Walcoff for hosting a wonderful event on Thursday in Friendship Heights. With 50+ attendees, we had a packed room. 


Conversation quickly turned to the state budget- where the residents of Friendship Heights asked tough questions about my spending priorities. I was proud to share my record of accomplishment as a nonprofit executive. I have a long history of making responsible budget decisions, and will continue to do so as a Delegate in Annapolis.

Residents were also interested in improving basic government functions like road maintenance and public education.   

What I heard most, however, was an interest in electing a fair, honest, hard-working representative who will present innovative solutions to the problems facing our state. 


I have been doing just that my entire career as a nonprofit executive. On September 14th, District 16 voters have a choice. I hope they will choose me to represent these values in Annapolis.


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