O’Malley signs ‘Drybar bill’ allowing salons to serve bubbly

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BY EMILY HEIL May 5 at 3:18 pm (from The Washington Post

Finally, residents of Montgomery County can count among their inalienable rights (right up there with life and liberty) the right to a glass of sparkling wine with their blowouts.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on Monday signed into law HB-137, known around Annapolis as “the Drybar bill” after the salon that was the lobbying force behind it. The new law allows beauty salons to obtain a permit “to provide beer and wine by the glass for consumption by a certain customer when a certain cosmetology service is provided or a certain fundraising event is held.”

Customers of other locations of the national Drybar chain, which specializes in blow-dry services, were accustomed to sipping a glass of wine as they were coiffed, but those at the Bethesda salon had to go without because of the state’s liquor laws. So regional manager Courtney Barfield worked with Delegate Ariana Kelly, who drafted the bill.

Drybar founder Alli Webb attended the Monday signing ceremony (sporting a perfect ‘do, obviously), where she offered the governor her company’s “Blowout in a Box” to give his wife.  ”It was such a cool civics lesson for me,” she said of the event.

Looks that next blowout in Bethesda might be a little less…dry.

Dry Bar founder Alli Webb and Governor O'Malley

Drybar founder Alli Webb, center, offers Gov. Martin O’Malley, left, a “Blowout in a Box,” as he signs the new law. Delegate Ariana Kelly, left, wrote the bill. Photo by Daniel Swartz.


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