PunditMom on why Ariana, NOT Sarah Palin, is a real leader of the mom revolution!

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Sarah Palin & the "Mama Grizzlies" Don't Have a Corner on the Political Motherhood Market

Nationally renowned blogger PunditMom took on Sarah Palin in her recent blog. She also had this to say about Ariana's campaign:

For some reason, Sarah Palin and her acolytes, or as she likes to call them, the “mama grizzlies,” want us to believe that politically conservative mothers speak for all mothers and that they have a corner on common sense or on the political motherhood market...there are plenty of fabulous non-grizzly moms running for office, like my friend Aimee Olivo who’s running for her local school board.  And my friend Jill Miller Zimon who ran for and won a seat on her town council.  And Congressional candidate Krystal Ball, a Democratic mom of a toddler trying to make some headway in a really red part of Virginia.  And Ariana Kelly, who’s running for a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates.

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