Strong Economy & Fiscal Responsibility

Delegate Ariana Kelly Head shot

As a former nonprofit Executive Director and the owner of my own consulting firm, I understand the challenges business owners face. I advocate for policies that support small businesses so they can create jobs that will fuel economic growth. I support responsible fiscal policy, including making smart decisions about budget priorities. My record shows I am not afraid to make tough choices or stand up to special interests. I will make responsible financial decisions that won't leave our children with unmanageable obligations. As a businesswoman, I have always balanced my budgets, and I continue to do so in Annapolis.

The State Budget

Maryland, like most states, faces a significant structural deficit. I support a balanced approach to our budget challenges, which includes increasing revenue and also reducing spending. The majority of economists agree this is the best way to protect the state during the economic recovery. Raising taxes alone will have a negative impact on our economy, just as recovery has begun. At the same time, cutting services for our most vulnerable will only worsen the impact of the economic downturn.

Taxes & Growing the Tax Base
Increasing revenue must include growing our tax base by increasing economic prosperity, cultivating a hospitable business climate, and attracting and retaining growing companies and entrepreneurs. I believe one of the best ways to do this is by improving our transportation infrastructure and maintaining our investment in public education. People and businesses choose Maryland because of these amenities – they are our competitive edge. See my blog on improving Maryland's business climate here.

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