Ariana Kelly is proud to be endorsed by The Washington Post.

In 2010, she was the only candidate for the open delegate seat in District 16 to be endorsed by these important organizations:

  • Clean Water Action
  • Democratic Women's PAC of Maryland
  • Equality Maryland
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Maryland State Education Association
  • Montgomery County Education Association
  • Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association
  • Montgomery Women
  • NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland
  • People for the American Way
  • SEIU Local 500 
  • Sierra Club
  • The Washington Post
  • Women's Campaign Forum 

Here's what the people who have worked with Ariana Kelly over the years in Annapolis and Washington have to say about her:

"Ariana possesses the rare combination of talent, intelligence and compassion that inspires people to listen closely to her ideas and believe in her.  She has demonstrated strong leadership in her past efforts to secure legislation important to Maryland families. and I am convinced that as a state delegate representing District 16, she will take her passion and negotiating skills to even greater heights.  Ariana is exactly the person anyone would want to advocate for their interests."

The Honorable Sharon Grosfeld
Former Senator (D-18)

"It is with unbridled enthusiasm that I endorse Ariana Kelly, Democrat for state Delegate. Ariana and I have a strong personal friendship developed over many years, so I’ve seen up-close as she’s fought to improve the lives of Maryland families. It would be an honor to serve with her in the House of Delegates."

Delegate Jeffrey Waldstreicher 
District 18 (Chevy Chase, Kensington)

"Ariana will be the perfect addition to the District 16 team.  Not only is she is intelligent, articulate and compassionate, she also has a tremendous track record of accomplishment.  We need more women like her in the legislature to bring perspective and knowledge of the issues that affect Maryland families."

Delegate Kathleen Dumais
District 15 (Potomac)

"I am supporting Ariana because she has an impressive background with a demonstrated commitment to making a difference in her community. She is bright, articulate, hardworking, and an idealist with a practical sense of how to get things done. Her life shows a dedication to promoting the public good." 

The Honorable Mary Boergers
Former Senator (D-17) 

“The NARAL family is proud to support Ariana Kelly. She will be a strong voice for progressive values. We live in challenging times. That’s why Ariana’s real-world experience running an organization and bringing people together to come up with practical solutions will serve her—and her constituents—well in Annapolis.”

Nancy Keenan
NARAL Pro-Choice America

"Ariana has spent her entire career advocating for children and families, and she won't stop when she is elected. She has the experience, skills, and expertise we need from a strong advocate for children and educators in Annapolis."
Doug Prouty
Montgomery County Education Association

"Congratulations on all of these endorsements, Ariana...especially Equality Maryland! Back when we were both working in Annapolis, it was so great to strategize, share resources, and look at the intersection of all the important progressive issues that motivate us."

Dan Furmansky
Former Executive Director,
Equality Maryland

“Ariana Kelly is a defender of our environment who will move Maryland toward a clean energy future, promote smarter transportation solutions and protect our Chesapeake Bay and other natural habitats from big polluters.”

David Hauck
Sierra Club of Montgomery County

“We are proud to support Ariana in this race, not simply because she is a woman, but because she is the most qualified candidate. Ariana has worked for more than a decade to protect the environment, advance civil rights, and expand health care access in Maryland. She has a proven track record as an advocate, and first hand experience running a business during tough economic times. She is thoughtful, strategic, and a successful coalition builder. We can not wait to see what she accomplishes once she is elected to the Maryland House of Delegates.”

Siobhan “Sam” Bennett
Women’s Campaign Forum

"Ariana is a powerful advocate for women and families. She is strategic, intelligent, and a master coalition builder. Throughout her career she has been effective at moving forward policies to empower women and promote family economic security. As Delegate, she will be a tremendous asset in Annapolis for all Maryland families."

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
Executive Director

"Ariana is not only deeply committed to women's health. She is also smart, innovative, and a proven coalition builder. She was a savvy advocate for NARAL in Annapolis, and has an excellent track record with fiscal responsibility "

Tracy Terrell
Board Chair
NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC

"Ariana Kelly has been a lifelong advocate on the issues that matter for women and their families.  She has been a dynamo on our Board of Directors, working to promote women elected officials in Maryland.  I'm proud to support Ariana Kelly for Delegate because I believe her record as a proven, principled leader is exactly what we need in Annapolis."

Kathy Reiner Martin
Board Chair
Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland

"After working with Ariana, I know what a fantastic coalition-builder she is. She develops fantastic rapport with her colleagues, is a problem-solver, and is great at identifying fair compromises.  Ariana is also a tremendous mentor, and has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy to teaching and supporting me, and many other young people interested in politics in Maryland."

Erin Schurmann
Vice President
Young Democrats of Maryland 

"I am not surprised for one moment that you have been endorsed by so many, highly respected and diverse organizations. Working in coalition with you to create a healthy environment for women, children, and communities, I have seen first hand your ability to talk honestly, connect authentically, and move forward an aggressive policy agenda! As Delegate, I'll know you'll use your many years of experience to advance legislation for public health, education, and the environment."

Jenn Rogers 
Reproductive Health Technologies Project 

"We are proud to endorse Ariana Kelly for Delegate. She is a proven, principled leader who has demonstrated that she has what it takes to bring Maryland forward towards a new clean energy economy."

Cindy Schwartz
Executive Director
Maryland League of Conservation Voters